Claire Berger has zest. And she's not afraid to use it.

It's no surprise that Claire cooked up The Culinary Stage. It combines her accomplished career in comedy with a deep abiding love for food.

For clients who savor the importance of personality in food preparation and presentation, Claire adds exuberance to the mix. Her experience in meal and party planning, food styling and event management captures taste buds. But her heart and enthusiasm are the essence.

Claire brings decades of experience in meal and party planning and is the exclusive food stylist for General Mills Nutritional Minutes. She reads new recipes like rabid sports fans read box scores and harbors secret crushes on chefs in the way Laker Girls ogle the NBA.

In short, food is much more than fuel to Claire. It's entertainment, artistic expression and her lifelong passion. You can taste it in every bite.

You can download Claire's Culinary CV here.