A pinch of passion. A dollop of creativity.

Is your food ready for its close-up? Claire brings decades of experience to The Culinary Stage. With her creative, professional approach in all aspects of food technique, styling and display, the presentation is as tasteful as the preparation.

For Claire's availability, please call (818)934-0544.

"As our in-house food stylist for 65 General Mills Nutritional spots, Claire made such a stunning display of how to eat healthy that viewers were no doubt leaping to their produce markets.

Claire knows her food. She knows that presentation is an important part of the game. And most importantly she is just a delight to work with. No kitchen ego. No knife throwing or temper tantrums. Preparing a meal on set with Claire is fun, fast and professional."

- Susan Winston
Executive Producer
Susan Winston Productions

"You are a rare find and I'm so lucky that we have finally crossed paths. You are the biggest reason we are ahead of schedule everyday."

-John Meyer
President, LVM Creative

"Great job and thank you so much for your hard work and commitment to making Chef's Finest a great brand."

-Chef Gregory G. Schweizer
Schweizer Culinary Service, LLC

"Claire is not only phenomenally talented but also so fast and so professional with one of the best attitudes of anyone I have ever worked with in the business. Can't wait to do it again!!"

-Jackie Hakim
Exec In Charge